These photographs were take on an emotional day in Moncton, N.B.,Canada
marking the first anniversary of the shooting deaths of three Mounties.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police honoured the fallen officers:
Cst. Doug Larche
Cst. Dave Ross
Cst. Fabrice Gevaudan
with a special performance of their musical ride at the Magnetic Hill concert site.
The RCMP-GRC Musical Ride tours Canada and worldwide to promote the RCMP-GRC.
The first official ride was held in 1887 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada,
and was commanded by Inspector William George Matthews.
The Musical Ride was featured on the Canadian fifty-dollar bill
produced from 1969 to 1979.
Members of the Musical Ride are first and foremost police officers who, after at
least two years of active police work, volunteer for duty with the Musical Ride.
RCMP members only remain with the Musical Ride for two years.
RCMP-GRC Members and public watching.

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